• Lavorare in team da remoto ai tempi del COVID-19 (🇮🇹 italian version)

    Principi e suggerimenti pratici per rendere efficiente un team di sviluppo che lavora da remoto.
  • Linux internals: how interpreter scripts work

    How do scripts work on Linux? How does the kernel find the correct interpreter for a script and run it with arguments? In this post we'll deep-dive into kernel code that handles scripts execution and will show some of the Linux peculiarities with practical examples.
  • Life in a Redis Cluster: Meet and Gossip with your neighbors

    How does Redis Cluster works? How are single instances connected within a cluster and what is the process for bootstrapping a new cluster? In this post we'll explore Redis Cluster internals and will use some cool animations to demonstrate how nodes communicates through a gossip protocol.
  • Introducing the Geo API in Redis

    GEO commands are a useful but not well known feature of Redis. In this post we'll show a real use case example by implementing a coordinates-based researchtool. We'll then deep-dive into the Geohash encoding technique that Redis uses underneath.
  • Book Review: Redis Applied Design Patterns

    I've been asked to review this book on Redis patterns, and here is why I think this short book might be interesting to you.